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Bronchodilator review

Posted: 20 May 15 Edited: 8 Aug 18
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This review is part of the 2015-16 Prescribing LES

The National Review of Asthma Deaths (May 2014) highlighted four key messages which would have significant impact on asthma mortality, one of which was better monitoring of asthma control; where loss of control is identified, immediate action is required including escalation of responsibility, treatment change and arrangements for follow-up.

Using >10-12 puffs per day of a bronchodilator is a marker of poorly controlled asthma that puts patients at risk of fatal or near-fatal asthma (SIGN guidelines, Oct 2014 ) The use of 18 cannisters per 12 month period is equivalent to 10 puffs daily. If a patient are using more than 3 doses of bronchodilator weekly, inhaled corticosteroids should be prescribed at an appropriate level to achieve control. (SIGN guidelines, Oct 2014)

This project aims to identify those patients who appear to be over ordering their bronchodilator inhalers and highlight them for review of their overall asthma management.