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Repeat Prescribing

Posted: 5 Apr 06 Edited: 8 Aug 18
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This protocol is designed to aid Practices with the maintenance of their repeat prescribing records. Given the magnitude of this task it is intended that it be carried out on an on-going basis.

Specific areas covered by the protocol are:-

Drug Names - Check that names are from the GPass dictionary. Substitute dictionary names for practice added drugs where possible

Strength - Optimise strengths where possible – check notes for contra-indications.

Duplication - Check for duplicated drugs of same name (check this is not to make up strength), check for two drugs of same class/action.

Time Expired - Remove drugs not ordered for 12 months unless seasonal /intermittent medicines see list.

Generic - All drugs to be prescribed generically except specified list of modified release drugs or at practices request.

Directions - Directions on all meds (no “as directed’s”) unless dressings/devices.

Compliance - Check compliance, are repeats requested at logical times – any over or under ordering (particularly drugs liable to abuse)?

Quantities - Synchronise quantities of regular repeats to 28 or 56 day (depending on practice) or nearest pack size.

Unsuitable for repeat - Check for drugs unsuitable for repeat and report numbers to LHP pharmacist for review.