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Thank you for visiting Dumfries & Galloway Health Boards' Prescribing Support Team web site.

The site has been created to act as a central resource for all local drug advice as approved by Dumfries & Galloway Health Boards' Area Drug and Therapeutics Committee.

The ready access to prescribing information will support the safe and cost effective use of drugs in Dumfries & Galloway.

At present we spend £49million on drugs annually; it is therefore imperative that we maximise the health benefits from this investment for the people of Dumfries & Galloway through the use of evidence based medicine.

Latest Documents

Smoking Cessation Specification 2017

COMMUNITY PHARMACY PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE SMOKING CESSATION SERVICE – REVISED SERVICE SPECIFICATION 2017 Please note that the NHS Dumfries and Galloway Varenicline PGD differs slightly from the National PGD included in this document. Please See NHS D&G Varenicline PGD.

27 Nov 18

Nhs Dumfries and Galloway Interim Prescribing Guidance From January 2018

Following a national tendering process, a new national procurement contract for smoking cessation products has been agreed. This new contract started on 1st March (2017) with this being updated in February 2018 with the withrawal of Johnson & Johnson Please note that this new contract only covers Nicotine Replacement Therapy, with varenicline currently remaining out with the scope of this contract. As a result of this new national contract being implemented, we are required to change our

27 Nov 18

Varenicline PGD September 2018 ( Review Date September 2020)


27 Nov 18

Unscheduled Care Individual Authorisation for Signing

Pharmacists should send a copy of the signed document to each Health Board in which they will be working. Details of where copies should be sent are listed on page 2. For Dumfries and Galloway this is: Primary Care Development, 1ST Floor, Logan East, Crichton Hall, Bankend Road, Dumfries, DG1 4TG Fax: 01387 247 706 email: dumf-uhb.PCD@nhs.net

27 Nov 18

NHS D&G Signed Authorisation Unscheduled Care V25 November 2018

This is the NHS Dumfries and Galloway Signed Authorisation for the National Unscheduled Care PGD Version 25 November 2018 .

27 Nov 18

Nostrum Prescribing Newsletter November 2018

In this edition: • Freestyle Libre • Valproate • Disulfiram/Epipen • Innovation Award World Antibiotics Week SMC decisions to date

6 Nov 18

Manufacturing Problems

This list provides details of the most up to date drug shortages and advice where appropriate of alternatives

4 Nov 18

Dumfries And Galloway Minor Ailments Formulary 2018

This MAS Formulary provides guidance on which products should be chosen when pharmacists working in Dumfries and Galloway are treating patients under the Minor Ailments Service.

1 Nov 18