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Review of anticholinergics in urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinence

Patients who suffer from detrusor muscle over-activity and urge incontinence may benefit from antimuscarinic therapy in addition to pelvic floor exercises, bladder retraining and lifestyle interventions. Antimuscarinic therapy is currently recommended for a period of six weeks before assessment of its effect in reducing detrusor muscle over-activity and therefore, urgency and urge incontinence.This audit captures data on review and formulary adherence.

Review of anticholinergics in urinary frequency, urgency and urge incontinenceDownload File
(Anticholinergics in urinary freq updated June 14.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 18/06/2014

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Urinary Drainage Bag Audit

Across D&G in 2006/07, 93,200 and 41,300 was spent on leg and night drainage bags respectively. Large quantities of leg and night bags were disposed of during the region-wide medicines waste campaign in 2007 suggesting over-ordering/over-prescribing and potential educational needs for patients and healthcare professionals. This audit aims to identify patients for review who Over-order supplies Under-order supplies Have inappropriately low or high quantities available per prescription Receive catheter supplies but were not previously known to the regional continence team

Urinary Drainage Bag AuditDownload File
(Urinary Drainage Bags AuditProtocolOct08.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 08/10/2008

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Tamsulosin Audit

Tamsulosin is the first subtype-selective (alpha IA) alpha 1 adrenoceptor antagonist with specificity for prostatic alpha 1 adrenoceptors (alpha 1A adrenoceptors are thought to be involved in prostatic smooth muscle contraction) to become available for the treatment of patients with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Alpha 1 blockade acts to relax prostatic smooth muscle producing an increase in urinary flow rate and an improvement in obstructive symptoms

Tamsulosin AuditDownload File
(Microsoft Word - Tamsulosin Audit April 2008.pdf)

Date Uploaded: 11/04/2008

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